iVocx is short for iVoiceCommand

Sum of Alpha


'iVoiceCommand®   {iVocx}



Serial Number: 85852346

Filing Date: February 18, 2013 



For the Record:

FIRST USE: 20120112. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 2012o112

The identification of goods is amended to read as follows:  “Electrical and scientific apparatus, namely, an electrical locating device, electrical communication apparatus and computer software for use in vehicle used to track vehicles, and maintaining data concerning vehicles; computer software related to vehicle traffic flow and traffic lights, recorded; global positioning system (GPS); navigation apparatus for vehicles; satellite radios; telecommunications and data networking hardware, namely, devices for transporting and aggregating data, and video communications across multiple network infrastructures and communications protocols; computer software for smart phone integration; computer software for control of speaker volume, air, temperature, climate control, seat adjustments, open truck, unlock doors, speed control suggestions, time reduction routes, alternate routes, traffic hazards, automobile security, fuel consumption analysis, time management interval feeds, maintenance intervals and emergency distress calls; radio-frequency identification system (RFID); computer software for redirecting traffic flow during an emergency event; computer software for vehicle proximity detection; computer software for shopping and entertainment

Providing driving behavior data for traffic information purposes; providing traffic flow redirection during an emergency event; providing predictive
analysis for transportation, namely, providing road and traffic information for traffic sustained flow; providing business telematic intelligence

Providing driving behavior data for traffic planning, traffic flow analysis and energy summation data.

Used in conjunction with:  Autovecth Integrated Chip Set (RFIDGPS)™ - 'AVICS'™

'Nxgen Traffic System'™ - 'Xgenasys'™


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